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Web Developer - Engineer

Handles projects from start to finish

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  • Project planning
  • Work estimation
  • Data modeling and database design
  • Test planning
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  • Fast and practical coding style
  • Identifies potential issues beforehand
  • In-depth debugging
  • Completes task in given timeframe
Maintenance f785c45f0fb9b4a01a161ec62501f4d0278e6b7e16b90670e8a1865aa691b9d5

Deployment and Maintenance

  • Server setup and administration
  • Application deployment
  • Feature updates and bug fixes


Ruby/Ruby on Rails

Rails 2.x, 3.x, 4.x

Design and create REST APIs

Report generation

External service integration (XML, JSON, SOAP)

RSpec/Cucumber testing

Web Frontend




Basic image editing


Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL

Web Servers: Nginx/Thin/Unicorn

Automation: Capistrano/Chef/Monit

Deployment: VPS/Engineyard/Heroku


Project management experience

Work experience in both Traditional (waterfall) and Agile methodologies


Version Control System: Git/SVN/CVS


Fired a live howitzer :D

About Me

I studied and graduated as an Electronics Engineer in one of the top universities of the country. While a student, I had a great interest in building websites so I study HTML and CSS on my spare time in the university library.

My first job was working as a Hardware Engineer for a company that is connected to a famous Japanese brand. I primarily did Design Verification of ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits), making sure that the design has no defects before the chip gets manufactured. During this time I learned a great deal about planning tests and determining scenarios that could cause issues in a given design.

I then moved on for a career as a Software Engineer in a company doing custom software development. There I was introduced to Ruby on Rails and I instantly fell in love with the framework. Some of my projects include a Social Networking Site, CMS, Inventory Management and a School Management System.

7 years later I am still doing web development and thoroughly enjoy it :) Constantly learning and experiencing new technologies to improve my craft and doing side projects occupy most of my free time. Currently I am keen on improving my infrastructure/operations skills.

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